Bridges Concert Programme Spain February 2017

Algeciras, 22nd February 2017

Boecillo, 25 th February 2017

Irish Air. Morrissey’s Jig. Mary McCarthy, Traditional

Gigue; from Partita n 1 in B flat Major, last movement (Suzuki Book 4). J. S. Bach

Rondo (Suzuki Book 4). W. A. Mozart

Lord Inchiquin, Fanny Power, Sí Beag, Sí Mór.  T. O’Carolan

Andante; from 2nd movement, Sonatina in C major (Suzuki Book 3).  M. Clementi

Mag’s Chant. Ruby Mackay

Working Songs from Scotland: 1- Thá mí scí (I am tired). 2- Cuigeal na Mhaidhean (the Spinning Wheel of the Maiden).  (Pentatonic). Traditional

“Scot in China”. Fragments of Scottish and Chinese Folksongs, all in Pentatonic mode.  Eddy McGuire.

Spiel. from “Wheen Tunes for Bairns Tae Spiel”. Pentatonic mode.  Ronald Stevenson Nocturne for Novi Sad.  Eddy McGuire

Oro. By Miroslaw Statkic. Professor of composition, Novi Sad Academy

Dance n. 2 and Dance n. 3. Vassily Mokranjaç

Balkan Dance n. 1 and Balkan Dance n. 6. Marco Tajevic

Polonaise in G minor. F. Chopin (aged 8)

Port an Deorán (Bridge of Tean) 9/8 jig. (E minor). Mary McCarthy. Traditional

Le Coucou. E minor. (Suzuki book 5). Daquin

St. Patrick Prays for Peace in the Gardens of Craiglockhart. Richard Dinghann

Christ Child Lullaby. Mary McCarthy. Traditional


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