Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013

Traditional Piano Music from Scotland and Ireland
4pm 13 August (1 hour)
The Jazz Bar

‘Mary McCarthy beguiles with understatement and glistens with melodic clarity. The harmony is at times compound but never over-played showing no need to force the vernacular. As such, this is the only recent solo piano recording of the Gaelic and Irish traditions that I can recommend without hesitation’ (Peter Urpeth, In Praise of Uist – Molaidh Uist, LivingTradition.co.uk).

Booking at www.edfringe.com

Folk-inspired Piano Jewels
4pm 5-7 August (1hour)
The Jazz Bar

Folk-inspired piano jewels from Scotland, Ireland, the Balkans and South America; including music by Ronald Stevenson, Alberto Ginastera, Eddie McGuire, Percy Grainger and Miroslav Statkic.

Booking at www.edfringe.com

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