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The following CDs of Mary McCarthy’s music available to buy directly from this page.

In Praise of Uist CD

“This is a CD full of elegant music softly played with emotion and surety, and an object lesson for any pianist to have faith in the cut-glass sonority of their instrument. Over the 25 tracks on this CD, McCarthy beguiles with understatement and glistens with melodic clarity. The harmony is at times compound but never over-played showing no need to force the vernacular. As such, this is the only recent solo piano recording of the Gaelic and Irish traditions that I can recommend without hesitation”
Peter Urpeth Review in Living Tradition.

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Failte CD
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Piano Duets CD
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Scenes from a Mountain is a selection of music which Richard Ingham & Mary McCarthy enjoy playing from Scotland, Serbia, Japan, Italy, Ireland, and the United States.  The album presents music for saxophone, piano, and accordion from the eighteenth century to the present day: classical music, contemporary works, traditional music and jazz. Richard and Mary have given many concerts together in the UK, USA and India.

“Richard Ingham and Mary McCarthy’s sensitivity and love of the music comes across in their playing. Throughout the CD there is great ensemble awareness as well as skillful control of their instruments.  Haunting melodies are beautifully shaped and well balanced.”
Clarinet and Saxophone Society Magazine

“Brilliant versatile virtuousity”
Herald Insight, India

“The combination of solo instruments and orchestra led to marvellous textures….Ingham’s beautiful soprano saxophone distinct and soaring…the third movement was excellent, an energetic sort of Gaelic bothy band medley that seemed simply relentless”
Dundee Courier

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