Mary in Riga

Just boarding my flight to Belgrade,Serbia.

Nineteen years since I met Professor Statkic and many others, tomorrow,we will meet again…

This is my last night here in Novi Sad, Serbia, for now.

I will be back-dates have already been discussed, in a provisional way.

I am sitting and enjoying looking at the music I have been given by the composers themselves -

Three CDs, plus score with handwritten dedication from Professor Statkic, a CD of music by Professor Statkic’s colleague at Novi Sad Academy, Professor Zoran Mulic whom I had met for the first time over a very leisurely lunch yesterday and then, today, he invited me to the composers’ room, to listen to a variety of his music, including liturgical music in Roma, the first composer to write in this language.

Then, another surprise and generous gift of 5 books from a publication of only 300, from
Professor Ira Prodanov who introduced me to the music of Miloge Milojevic, whose piano pieces, in five books (similar to Bartok’s six Mikrokosmos) have been published with funds from the Tempus project, a European Union project introducing Interdisciplinarity in Music Studies in the Western Balkans.  University of Novi Sad Academy of Arts is responsible for bringing these pieces to the wider public and Professor Prodanov has been involved in the project for three years.

On Tuesday morning,as arranged, I waited excitedly, for my first meeting with Professor Statkic, since October 1996.  He arrived with our interpreter, Petar Bursac, who was responsible for all the correspondences with me, prior to my arrival, plus all the arrangements for my two-day visit. Petar is officially ‘International Relations Officer,’ at the Academy, but that title does not do justice to all Petar’s gifts.

The biggest surprise for me, was to see that the two men were such friends.  Then I learnt that Petar had been a composition student of Professor Statkic and they are now very close friends as well as colleagues.

The hugs and kisses went on for a wonderfully long time!

To be continued….

Mary in Novi Sad

Mary in Novi Sad March 2016

2 thoughts on “Serbia

  1. It was a great pleasure to have Prof. McCarthy with us in Novi Sad. She is truly dedicated in connecting Scottish and Serbian music and traditions and therefore – Thank you on behalf of Serbian composers and Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Serbia.

  2. It was a great pleasure for me to meet Mary for the first time at Gregynog in Wales on a Suzuki (piano) workshop. I attended her group lessons (mainly for teenagers) and was immediately captivated by the music. The atmosphere in the classes was wonderful. I felt compelled to ask Mary as much as possible about how she had come by such marvellous music, and she was amazingly generous with her time and effort, talking to me, and playing to me. I myself have used some of the pieces she used with my own students at home in Devon, SW England, and so Serbian piano music is spreading in the UK!