World Saxophone Congress 2012

I am just leaving for St.Andrews for the rehearsal at 1pm. Fantastic rehearsal on Sunday – fantastic fun doing it with all the saxes-including Baritone Sax.

In our groupĀ is the legendary Claude Delangle, who is Professor of Sax at the Paris Conservatoire… Only the third Prof since Adolphe Sax, the Belgian who invented the sax in 1856!
Nine years since my last venture into the World Congress- that was in Minneapolis, 2003.

One thought on “World Saxophone Congress 2012

  1. Just spotted this was wrtiten 2 days BEFORE the rehearsal! Not sure whether this is some obscure alto lingo that is not understandable to normal people (bit like alto clef maybe, which is how you turn a perfectly straight foward melody into something entirely unreadable!)?ANYWAY, thought it was a great rehearsal tonight so well done, everyone! Sounded good, was good fun and it was lovely to see all your smiling faces again. Looking foward to next week